Lihe Taste (Qingdao) Food Industry Co., Ltd.

Lihe Taste (Qingdao) Food Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in July 2010. It is a food technology company with a product-centric industry chain level. It is also a leading domestic research and development, manufacturing of ultra-large supercritical extraction equipment, and the standardization of Chinese food. A comprehensive high-tech enterprise with industrial chain development.

Lihe Taste takes "creating global deliciousness together" as its mission, adheres to innovative and practical product concepts, and takes condiment and pre-made dishes as its core business. In the condiment sector, the company currently has its own controllable raw material factories for core flavor raw materials such as pepper, tomato, and sauce, and has raw material resources in high-quality production areas in China to ensure a stable supply of high-quality raw materials. In the prepared food sector, Lihe Taste also has a number of in-depth cooperation compound seasoning factories and prepared vegetable factories to ensure the stable innovation of the supply side.

Lihe Taste currently has 10+ invention patents, 40+ utility model patents and 2 automation control systems. Lihe Taste participated in the drafting of several group standards such as "Quality Grading and Evaluation of Prefabricated Vegetables", "Technical Specifications for Quality Management of Prefabricated Vegetables", "Industrialized Standardized Chinese Soup" and "Industrialized Standardized Chinese Thick Soup".


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